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After many years of travel, study, and experience in ancient traditional studies and techniques we designed these classes for the modern student facing the problems of the modern world. Our classes offer easy to apply and necessary techniques for creating a solid foundation for all personal spiritual endeavors including finding the true Self, development of the magical Self, sports, martial arts and related physical pursuits, improved mental functioning, clarity and concentration, and many other positive goals.

Our current roster of classes include:

These classes are available by mail order or by attending classes offered in various locations. If you are interested in sponsoring a class for group instruction in your locale please feel free to contact us.


Who is the Teacher?

All classes are taught personally by the Director of Amasha Metaphysical Institute - Michael Murphy. He has studied Hatha Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, Taoist Esoteric Yoga, Raj Yoga, Kabbalah, Tai Chi Chuan and many systems of eastern and western spirituality and philosophy.

So how do I sign up?

You may contact the locations sponsoring our classes listed here or : 

Amasha Metaphysical Institute

P.O. Box 1449

Salome AZ 85348

(928) 916-4827



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Complete Aromatherapy Systems and more

Complete Aromatherapy Systems and more                
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Paranormal Investigations:
Investigations related to metaphysical occurrences, analysis, identification, and solutions for real life